ABC News reports on Sugar-free ingredient that can be Fatal to Pets

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Pet Periodontal Disease Causes Infection that Spread to the Bone

By age three, 80% of dogs show signs of oral disease. In cats, 70% have oral disease by the age of three.   In 2013 over 11 million dollars was spent on pet dental conditions.  Hopefully your alarm is sounding and you are concerned that you also will likely be spending money on your pet’s oral health.

52% of all dental conditions are the result of periodontal disease.  This is when residual food, bacteria, and tarter collect in the spaces between the gum and you pet’s tooth. This then causes infection and this can spread to the bone and be life threatening.

It really isn’t difficult to perform preventative oral care that can save you money now and later.  It’s simple start brushing your pet’s teeth.  Everyday would be ultimate however if you keep in mind that tarter and plaque start building every 3 days you can get in the habit of minimally brushing every other day.  The average annual savings is $170 for teeth cleaning per pet.  This number escalates very fast when there is a tooth related disease which can cost hundreds and even over $1000 if extractions are necessary.

The most important thing you can do is brush your pet’s teeth.  Some breeds are actually prone to gum disease and recession.  If you have a breed that is you will likely need to take extra care to prevent the inevitable.  Do select the correct kind of tooth paste or gel.  One that contains chlorhexidine gluconate is preferred to typical enzymatic pastes that can actually accelerate gum recession.  Human tooth care products are not healthy for your pet.  It is not safe for your pet to swallow and ingest regular tooth paste.  Always use a soft bristled brush.  The most common sign that your pet has a dental disease is bad breath.

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Regular Pet Dental Care Pays Off in Big Savings.

Well Dieter has had checkups and of course his annual check-up.  The veterinarian commented that his teeth are amazing.  No need to have his teeth cleaned at all with all the regular brushing.  I feel so great about this that it is even more incentive to continue with regular brushing.  No anesthesia, no costly cleaning, no extractions priceless.

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Oral Care and your Dog – teeth brushing

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Dog Breath and Oral hygiene and Pet Teeth Cleaning

We often take very good care of our special friends.  We may spend hundreds of dollars grooming them and yet our friends need good oral care.  For years I faithfully brushed my little guy’s teeth but only on a weekly basis.  In addition I saw to it that he was taken to the Veterinarian for his annual teeth cleaning.  Despite the above regimen I was in for a surprise at my last visit to the Veterinarian for a teeth cleaning.  enzypasteDespite years of brushing with an expensive enzymatic toothpaste, my little guy had developed bone-loss secondary to recession of his gums.  I learned that despite the oral hygiene that I was providing some breeds of dogs are more prone to these health problems.  After my visit with his Veterinarian, I made an appointment with a Veterinarian Dentist. Yes they exist and the doctor that I took my little guy to was a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College.  Seriously I needed to know more and how I had failed my friend.  First of all I should have been using a soft tooth brush, not the hard bristled ones sold at pet stores.  Then I was told that he never recommends using an enzymatic toothpaste also sold at local pet stores.  Instead it seems that no one ever tells us that the best toothpaste for your pet is not a human one but instead one that contains “Chlorhexidine” gelpasteIn addition I learned that if you choose non-anesthetic teeth cleaning you should assess the necessity to have this done every 6 months versus annually.  Obviously in the veterinary dental community they feel that traditional cleaning with anesthesia is the best way to have your pet’s teeth cleaned.

My take away from this experience is know your breed.  Is the breed pre-disposed to oral health problems.  If they are,  then appropriate action on your part is necessary to insure your pet’s health. In addition, from all of this, the obvious take away is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Many individuals do not have access to a veterinary dentist unless you live in a major metropolitan area.  So it is best to never need one by doing the right thing for your friend.  The dentist did say that your dog’s teeth should be brushed every other day at a bare minimum.  Performing this less often will obviously lead to plaque build up.  A pet’s oral health problem can be expensive.  We wish you the best in addressing your pet’s oral needs.

This information is provided for information purposes only.  We hope it will encourage you  to learn about your breed and take care of your pets oral needs. Please be advised that we receive no payment from any manufacturer of the above products photographed. We do not make any health claims regarding these products.

Here’s a follow up posted 3/19/2014.  If you can it is advisable to obtain multiple quotes for your pet’s dental work it could save you $$$$.  Yes I said $$$$ not $$$ or $$.

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What is the best food for your Dog?

It is a known fact that people are living longer lives. Yet throughout all the advances that have been made our pet’s lifespans have been decreasing. The answer to why this may be happening is both disturbing and complicated. Somewhere in our society profit and greed surpassed “First do no harm” when it came to our pets. We encourage you to read the “Terms and Use Agreement” regarding the information presented here.

At present IMS Supplements, Inc. is looking into the development and related production of scientifically appropriate nutritional supplements for dogs. Unfortunately, the majority of dogs are not receiving a complete, healthy diet and many become ill and die prematurely. IMS Supplements main interest and purpose is to help increase your pet’s longevity and quality of life.

In reviewing the dietary requirements for dogs we will provide the very best human grade natural ingredients available and recognize all scientific clinical data from medical, veterinary and nutritional science. IMS Supplement’s is in communication with W.D. Cusick, who is a nutritional expert for dogs and is a published author on this topic. Be advised that Mr. Cusick does not endorse any commercial pet foods or links that may be on this website. See “terms and use agreement below.” We at IMS Supplements would encourage you to visit his websites and related links. The following web page has associated links to breed specific information:

For information about pet foods and animal nutrition pet owners can visit: to make educated choices about pet foods and feeding their pet correctly.

Mr. Cusick states: “One product cannot be nutritionally correct for the different breeds. One product cannot be nutritionally correct for all breeds by just adjusting the amount of that one product using the animal’s body weight to make the adjustment. One product can not be nutritionally correct for the different breeds because the different breeds have different requirements per kilogram (kg) of body weight and the fact that some breeds do not assimilate the same dietary sources the same as other breeds.” Logic alone would suggest that the nutritional requirements of a breed that retains it’s coat would be greatly different from a breed that sheds its coat continuously.

Based upon the above what truly seems to be the most appropriate for the health of your pet would be to bring out a line of breed specific supplements. According to Mr. Cusick it would take 52-54 different formulations to produce tablets for 140 different breeds. As previously stated we are only in the investigational stages of discovery regarding this matter and the sheer fact that the cost and marketing headaches would make producing 52-54 different formulations improbable and almost impossible to do. Our focus will most likely be confined to the top 25 breeds as reported by the American Kennel Club (AKC). 

Your patience and understanding of the complications surrounding such an undertaking is most appreciated. Until an appropriate nutritional supplement is available for your pet we at IMS Supplements would encourage you to visit: and the associated links to breed specific information and nutritional requirements. 

At this time we hope that you will find the information here informational and educating. In this busy world where time has become a lost commodity we believe that your pet should not pay the price of corporate greed.

The pet food industry has been turned upside down due to the outbreak of contamination in pet foods. Preparing your pet’s food personally is considered the best option. Please visit the following link and then follow the link to “breed specific nutritional information links” if you want to learn more about your pets actual dietary requirements.

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