What is the best food for your Dog?

It is a known fact that people are living longer lives. Yet throughout all the advances that have been made our pet’s lifespans have been decreasing. The answer to why this may be happening is both disturbing and complicated. Somewhere in our society profit and greed surpassed “First do no harm” when it came to our pets. We encourage you to read the “Terms and Use Agreement” regarding the information presented here.

At present IMS Supplements, Inc. is looking into the development and related production of scientifically appropriate nutritional supplements for dogs. Unfortunately, the majority of dogs are not receiving a complete, healthy diet and many become ill and die prematurely. IMS Supplements main interest and purpose is to help increase your pet’s longevity and quality of life.

In reviewing the dietary requirements for dogs we will provide the very best human grade natural ingredients available and recognize all scientific clinical data from medical, veterinary and nutritional science. IMS Supplement’s is in communication with W.D. Cusick, who is a nutritional expert for dogs and is a published author on this topic. Be advised that Mr. Cusick does not endorse any commercial pet foods or links that may be on this website. See “terms and use agreement below.” We at IMS Supplements would encourage you to visit his websites and related links. The following web page has associated links to breed specific information: http://www.wdcusick.com/free.html

For information about pet foods and animal nutrition pet owners can visit:http://www.wdcusick.com/ to make educated choices about pet foods and feeding their pet correctly.

Mr. Cusick states: “One product cannot be nutritionally correct for the different breeds. One product cannot be nutritionally correct for all breeds by just adjusting the amount of that one product using the animal’s body weight to make the adjustment. One product can not be nutritionally correct for the different breeds because the different breeds have different requirements per kilogram (kg) of body weight and the fact that some breeds do not assimilate the same dietary sources the same as other breeds.” Logic alone would suggest that the nutritional requirements of a breed that retains it’s coat would be greatly different from a breed that sheds its coat continuously.

Based upon the above what truly seems to be the most appropriate for the health of your pet would be to bring out a line of breed specific supplements. According to Mr. Cusick it would take 52-54 different formulations to produce tablets for 140 different breeds. As previously stated we are only in the investigational stages of discovery regarding this matter and the sheer fact that the cost and marketing headaches would make producing 52-54 different formulations improbable and almost impossible to do. Our focus will most likely be confined to the top 25 breeds as reported by the American Kennel Club (AKC). 

Your patience and understanding of the complications surrounding such an undertaking is most appreciated. Until an appropriate nutritional supplement is available for your pet we at IMS Supplements would encourage you to visit: http://www.wdcusick.com/free.html and the associated links to breed specific information and nutritional requirements. 

At this time we hope that you will find the information here informational and educating. In this busy world where time has become a lost commodity we believe that your pet should not pay the price of corporate greed.

The pet food industry has been turned upside down due to the outbreak of contamination in pet foods. Preparing your pet’s food personally is considered the best option. Please visit the following link and then follow the link to “breed specific nutritional information links” if you want to learn more about your pets actual dietary requirements. http://www.wdcusick.com/free.html

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